Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mystery ATC

This is the last ATC that I have for a swap on  I had been swapping with this great group of ladies for the last 14 months.  What a great bunch to be involved with.  For the last ATC, we had a mystery ATC challenge.  We each sent ours in with no names and then we each had to guess whose was whose.  I don't think I did a very good job, because Susan only guessed 4 correctly and we were pretty close on our answers.  It was very hard to figure out which card looked like whose.  I'm thinking we all did something radically different from what we usually do and tried to copy someone else's style.  I'm not sure. 

Mine was pretty simple.  I tried to keep it simple with just a few embellishments.  I don't know if this looks typical of what I make or not.  Well maybe the paper selection is me and well maybe the ribbon and OK probably the flower.  But, I was thinking that may throw everyone off.  Congrats to Vickie for guessing the most ATC cards out of everyone.