Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heritage ATC

This was my take on "Heritage" for an ATC swap on 

My aunt spent years putting together a book with our family photos and information.  It goes back to my mother's father's side to my great great grandfather, as well as my mother's mother's side.  I'm sure that my geneology buddies are going nuts.  I'm sure I'm not using the correct terminology for the ancestors, but hey.
Anyway, she had many pictures, newspaper articles, and even his Civil War information. She contacted relatives and accumulated a book at least 100 pages long.

These pictures show him in his later years.  They owned a farm with a great victorian farm house and all the out buildings you can think of. The really neat thing is that he didn't become a US citizen until he was 76 years old.  Can you imagine coming to the US when you are 14, living here, being in the army and being so patriotic and not being a citizen?  We are very lucky to have so much information and the shear number of photos is amazing.

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Susan De Crafter said...

It's Jacob and Sarah! You knew I would love this card. Can't wait to get my own. Thank goodness for Aunt Helen who gathered all our family information.