Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project of the Day

Boy, did I find a bargain last night.  I took a trip to Archivers and hit their 50% to 75% off table and look what I found.  This Scrapbook in a Box by S.E.I.  $5.00.  How can you beat that?  A friend of mine just had a little boy and I thought this would be the perfect gift.

I didn't realize how neat it was until I got it home & opened it.

Look what was inside:

It had precut pages with all of the embellishments and layouts for every page.  The backs of the papers had the layout numbers on them so that you could just follow the layouts and put it together.  How simple is that? These are the parts for the front page.

I'm going to add a couple of pics to show some completed pages.

Hopefully, my pictures are clear enough.  This was such a cute album.  I have to admit that I went back to Archivers & picked up the last two girl albums.  It is very similiar to the boy kit, but with pink & orange colors and embellishments.


~BridgetL~ said...

You truly scored on this one. :)I love finding deals like this.

Susan De Crafter said...

Great deal. And it looks really nice too. Hopefully I'm headed to Archivers this weekend. What are the chances I'll find this kind of deal???

The Scrapoholic said...

WOW! what a deal! SEI has awesome stuff! love the pages you did!